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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Finding aquaculture - Research Paper -

Finding aquacultures

In “Starting a fish farm can bring profit to homeowners,” Glenn (2006), writes “One answer could be to turn a pond or a spare barn into an aquaculture operation. It can take less than $10,000 to start raising fish on a small scale, and the payoff from a side business can add up to $10,000 to $20,000 a year”, (para. 2). Aquaculture, which called the ocean’s farms, is developing because of many benefits. Many countries realize aquaculture industry can make lots of money. However, aquaculture industry could cause environmental problem such as wasted foods cause ammonia and in case of illness to fish. So people have to use some kind of strong medicine for treat fish. Some fish medicines are good for treating fish’s illness but may kill or causes serious problem to other living organisms in ocean such as corals, plants and an invertebrate animals. However, aquaculture industries have more benefits to both people and animal. In America, it makes good environmental sense, good health sense and good economic sense specifically in America.

According to Dictionary, “the science, art, and business of cultivating marine or freshwater food fish or shellfish, such as oysters, clams, salmon, and trout, under controlled conditions,” (2008, par 1). Aquaculture industries were not a popular but they are the fastest growing food sector in the world. In “Fresh Currents in Fish Farming” the author tell us “An economic base for investment in aquaculture has been established, with earlier industry projections indicating that even limited government intervention over the next 10-15 years would increase production from the current 2000 tons to 15000 tons per year, and increase employment from 740 people to about 3800 people” (2006, para. 2). Even though aquaculture industry has disadvantages, the industry rates are going up. For example, aquaculture could cause many environmental problems. In these days, the aquaculture industry almost 43 percent or nearly half of fish consumed worldwide. Aquaculture industry saves nature and man.

First, aquaculture makes good environmental sense. It can protect endangered ocean biodiversity and focus on water condition for growing seafood. This point is very important because some of ocean’s living organisms are in danger from human being. For example, if people get a fish from aquaculture industry instead of wild catch, people do not need to worry about destroy living organisms. In “Aquaculture to the Rescue” the author states “It will give Americans more control of the environmental conditions under which our seafood is grown. It can be used in hatcheries to restore depleted species of fish and shellfish and boost catches for commercial and sport fishermen. It can complement wild catches to meet the growing demand for seafood” (2007, para. 5). Thus, fish breeding by aquaculture industry good for both human and nature. Indeed, aquaculture industry has not much cause environmental problems. In “Fish Out of Ocean Water” the author states, “We don’t use pesticides or fertilizers, Pillow says. The only chemical that we use is copper sulfate, if the fish get a fungus.” Aquaculture industry is good for save our some endangered species in the ocean. In these days, some of the ocean’s living organisms are endangered because of their unique and restrict native area but aquaculture may help them. Therefore, when people try to make an aquaculture industry, ocean‘s environment has to under the well management.

Second, aquaculture makes good health condition to people. Actually, some meats such as pork and beef has high amount of cholesterol rates, but ocean’s living organisms does not. So fish and shellfish are good for prevent diseases of adult people. When people eat seafood as raw such as oyster; it may helpful recover their sight, good for people’s skin condition. In “Aquaculture to the Rescue” the author states, “The mounting medical research on the benefits of seafood to human health cannot be ignored. Seafood is an excellent source of protein, is low in fat and sodium, and contains other vitamins and minerals that are important for good health” (2007, para. 4). So when human eat more seafood than meat, they may live healthier life. Indeed, seafood is good for both adults and children’s health.

Third, aquaculture industry makes good economic sense. The United States spend lot of money to import much seafood. In “White House Seeks to Boost Aquaculture” the author states “Farming of saltwater species such as salmon and shrimp is common in countries such as Thailand, Canada, China and Scotland. Much of their catch is sold in the United States” (2007, para. 9). Therefore, aquaculture is not small industry it can be variety of sizes and it is also becoming global issues. Indeed, the very first investments of fish tanks are not much expensive. In “Starting a Fish Farm Can Bring Profit to Homeowners” the author states, “It costs about $1,000 to start an aquaculture business with one tank” (2006, para. 7). Also, In “Starting a Fish Farm Can Bring Profit to Homeowners” the author states, “Martin recommends farmers start small until they learn how to raise fish and cultivate buyers for the product. Buy even a side aquaculture business can generate $10,000 to $20,000 in annual sales” (2006, para 12). Aquaculture can give a chance to make lots of money to people. Aquaculture industry has lots of economy efficiency, so United States need to develop better technology for keeping and import seafood.

Some people say that aquaculture industry ruin ocean’s condition. Because people abuse fish care drugs, it causes big problem in the ocean. When people try to prevent fish diseases, they using lots of drugs just for preventative purposes. So the drugs may kill much life in the ocean such as coral, plants and invertebrate animals. And some other problems are waste of food and lots of fish’s waste in small area. However, that may be true for some but not happen in every place. Actually, many aquatic medicines are coming from nature sources in these days such as garlic and cactus so people who work for aquatic can prevent those problems that are not a big deal. Also, if they use good working water filter in the ocean, the wastes of food and fish’s waste is fine. Thus, aquaculture fishes are possible as healthier as wild fishes.

In conclusion, aquaculture industry is very big deal in this century. Many countries try to develop their own technology about aquatics. So now, the aquatic markets are getting bigger and worldwide. To breed aquatics are cheap and easy but has lots of economical efficiency. Aquaculture industry has many benefits to people such as aquaculture is good for ocean environment, make people more healthy and has many benefits economically. When people breeding seafood, they are more take care about water quality so environment of ocean to stay clean. And much seafood has less cholesterol than meet so good for prevent an adult disease. People have to be aware of this issue for the future and their life.


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What about Clone Things?

David Kim
EAP2 Writer’s Workshop
Ms. Wright
Summary and Response
February 20, 2008

What about Clone Things?

In Guterl’s (2008) article, “Would You Like Fries With Your Clone?,” he discusses GM food’s safety. According to this article, GM food has many benefits to people. For example, clone food has same quality as original food so it may help to save money. Actually, some of clone animals are already supplied in the US. However, there is some opposite side of people. That food could cause dangerous situation because it is not an original product from nature. Even though, the author gives both right and apposite sides because he claims that we would not expect cloning food may harmful for human.

The author’s opinion is clearly in this article. In U.S and European food agencies are try to make a clone food. Actually, clone food has both advantages and disadvantages. Foods are limited to take care all people in the world so they made clone food. This kind of work may improve the quality of food, save endangered animal species and help people to organ transplant.

First, the clone food may improve quality of food. Animals have superior in their species. In this case, there is some benefit if people take superior animals DNA for breeding. People can get a quality of food from them. The clone animals are bigger and stronger than others. So it could good for people, they can eat quality of food everyday and every time.

Second, clone body parts in animal body may help people to organ transplant. Some people in the world have deadly diseases. In some of their cases, if they have chance to organ transplant, they can live. So scientists can grow some people’s organ in animal’s body. Some scientists are already trying to that kind of project to mouse. When they set a small piece of ears on mouse’s body, the ears are getting bigger in natural way. So that may helpful earless people. Clone body parts need for people’s better quality life.

Finally, clone technique can save endangered animal species. Because of human activity, in some areas native species are endangered. So those animals have difficulty to reproduce their species because there are not enough census to breed. In this kind of case, the clone technology is so much helpful to animals. Moreover, the clone technology can reproduce exterminated animal species. It is very good way to save animals.

In conclusion, clone technology could cause bad things but it has more benefits. That can improve quality of food, help people to do organ transplant and save endangered species. So if the clone technology can control by people, it is good for people’s life.

Guterl, F. (2008). Would You Like Fries With Your Clone? Newsweek. Retrieved February 20, 2008, from://www.newsweek.com


The World Abused by Technology

EAP 2 Writer’s Workshop
Ms Wright
Argumentative Essay

The world abused by Technology

All of the world’s people using technology things in anytime and everywhere. Actually, many people are abused by technology things such as cell phones, laptop or desktops, the Internet and so on. Anyone can easily see the people who use technology things when they are working around, study and many other situations. It is already be part of human lives; some people cannot live without technology things. Both adult and children already abuse in technology things. That happen could cause big happen. Everyone in every age is in danger that it might be causes mental problem, health problem and environment problem. People should aware of using technology things for themselves.

First of all, technology could cause mental problem. Most people have their own cell phones and television and using it anytime in everyday. Some of them may not live without those things even 1 hour, it mean like they are already abused in technology things. Most children has abused about video game and cell phone games. They bring it and use it even they are going to rest room. Their lives just focus on the technology stuffs. In this situation, they cannot live like a human. For example of Korea, most of children have their own desktop, MP3, cell phones and video games. They just doing it for their fun it already is their daily habit. They enjoy meet their friends by messenger or talk with cell phones. They are not doing much exercise because of technology things. And some other case, some Korean guys are dead during the computer game. They didn’t eat food well and drink water even sleep. That is not a people’s life almost like an animal. What makes people like that technology things did it? So when people using those things they have to have their own rules for using those things, if they do not want to be like an animal.

Next, it could cause physical problem. It may make people stay inside and easy to tired. It means too much use technology things every single day, it could cause health problem. For example, people’s eyes are easy to dry and also their finger is going to close. Not even those things it may cause many other problems. It says not just about weak or sick people; healthy people could have a same problem. If people not much exercise in outside, they are going to weak. For example, when people do video games at home, they just using their eyes and hands. If this kind of situation is keep going, what happen can you expect next? Also, when people’s are going to weak, they are easy to get a disease because they are weak so their immune about diseases going down. For their healthier life, people have to take care and think differently about technology things.

Third, it is possible to cause environmental problem. If technology is growing up, the earth’s pollute is also growing up. The inventor using lots of nature source for invent something and those happen will cause ecological adaptation. In case of Korea, the frogs and fishes that come from U.S make Korea ecosystem change badly. For example, the frogs eat everything such as native frogs, snakes and large fishes. It is not making a sense, how frogs eat snakes. That happen is not just in Korea, all of the world’s countries may have same problem. Moreover, many animal species will extinct by environment change. People should do something different for our environment. People not live alone, they have to live with our nature and animals, they should remember that.

Many people enjoy surfing the Internet because those things are very convince. So they say, we can save our time with easy way. They can find many information directly, order some stuff what they need and meet friends by messengers. Yes, I also think using the Internet is very convinced but if you use too much time and everything thru the Internet, you could be a geek. However, I think that might make people dumb. People not going to library so their thinking and guessing skill may fall. If they are people they need to use their brains and bodies for them. People need to take care of themselves for living like human.

In conclusion, technology things change the world rapidly. Also it has many beneficial things but many people abuse it in their life. They start their day life with those things and also finish their day life with it. This situation is people not control the technology things, technology things control the people. Too much use technology things will cause mental, physical and environment problem. It is actuality. People need to aware of that problem.


Monday, December 03, 2007

Wal-Mart's effect on our Life

Synthesis Ex
November 27, 2007

Wal-Mart’s affect in our Life

Here is one of the biggest groceries, “Wal-Mart”. We can see Wal-Mart anywhere, even in the rural side of America. They have everything with low price such as food, toys, electronic things, fish, tools and so on. So if we need something, we can find it in Wal-Mart. According to E. Locke (2004, par. 4), “Wal-Mart is one of the most impressive success stories in the history of business”. The article shows us, Wal-Mart is very nice company in our life, but on the other side, they are not. Wal-Mart ruined small groceries in towns, because many people won’t go to a small grocery; small groceries are more expensive than Wal-Mart and do not have much guarantee like Wal-Mart. People want low price with guarantee and want an easy way to find stuff; if they are in Wal-Mart they can find anything but if there is no Wal-Mart, people have to stop by many kinds of groceries for what they want. So Wal-Mart ruins the small groceries. It is not right, because normal groceries cannot compete with big groceries such as Wal-Mart, so they will lose their job. If small groceries are all gone, the quality of goods will go down, so we should use small groceries for our economy.

First of all, people should think about how Wal-Mart affects small groceries. In these days, Wal-Mart has bought land in Carbondale-Murphysboro; it will cause a big problem. “Some Murphysboro and Carbondale residents are protesting a new Wal-Mart super center in Murphysboro because they fear it will destroy the town’s small business and the quality of life for some of its citizens” (Jacobs, 2005, par. 1). So people should take care of this problem. We can buy much stuff in an easy way with Wal-Mart but our neighbor who got a small business may go.

Next, Wal-Mart may monopolize everything. Wal-Mart has broken some other big groceries such as Kroger and Schnucks, so they may monopolize everything about groceries. Actually, many items in Wal-Mart are made in China; the stuffs’ quality is very low, but people use it because it is cheap and easy to find. That happening will make stuff’s quality go down and make people foolish. In this situation, many other big groceries and small groceries will disappear; after that, China’s employees costs will increase, the stuffs’ price may go up, and people will have to buy it even if its’ expensive. According to R. Auxier (Jacobs, 2005, par. 10), “Murphysboro should not be foolish enough to believe that the right way to fix its financial problems is sales tax revenue from Wal-Mart.” So if people realize what is happening, they should buy stuff in many different ways, not just at Wal-Mart.

Finally, Wal-Mart’s employees are working in a dangerous situation. According to UFCWIU (2005, par. 1), “Wal-Mart reports that its health insurance only covers 48% of their employees. Wal-Mart has approximately 1.3 million US employees”. So when employees are hurt from any other reason, 52% of them have to pay for their own medical treatment. It is not right, because employees are not rich people, they are normal salary workers, so if they are damaged from something, they don’t have enough money pay for the fee, and they cannot work while they are sick. So the insurance system should change for employees. They are mega size groceries; they need to treat their employees in accordance with their size.

In my opinion, Wal-Mart has many benefits for our life, but it may spoil small business. So I don’t like this situation, in which one company got a commercial power in one area; it is a crazy event. And this event makes people more wasteful, because Wal-Mart refunds every item, so many people waste those goods. Many kinds of small groceries are needed for people and groceries owners but Wal-Mart spoils these things with cheap price and a guarantee. In my case, I usually go to Wal-Mart instead of a small grocery, because I don’t have a car, so I can’t stop by many stores, but if people have a car, they can visit many groceries, so they should think differently. We can’t prevent the new building of Wal-Mart in our area, so we need help from government; government has to make a new rule for small business people.

In conclusion, Wal-Mart is ignoring many types of groceries and other big groceries. When the local economy is spoiled by Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart may also spoil, because people don’t have enough money, and will want new stuff that is not in Wal-Mart. In general, many companies have competition with other companies so they develop their goods’ quality and low prices. If just Wal-Mart is left, the goods quality and price will go up.
Just government can solve this problem for people; government should make new policy for business things.


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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Argument Essay - Coral Reefs -

EAP2 A Writer’s Workshop
Argument Essay
November 13, 2007

Coral reefs

According to Space Daily (2006), Global warming has had a more devastating effect on some of the world’s finest coral reefs than previously assumed, suggests the first report to show the long-term impact of sea temperature rise on coral reefs and fish communities. Global warming is serious problem in coral reefs because coral reefs cannot live in a high temperature, but global warming makes sea temperature higher. People may think that is not a very big problem or that they can control the problem. However, according to the article, in 1998, there was big event in the Indian Ocean (Space Daily, 2006). The coral reefs were damaged by global warming, but after the event they could not reseed and recover. If corals cannot reseed and recover, they may be extinct from the ocean. Therefore, people should find new way to prevent global warming from destroying coral reefs. People should develop a new system and also vehicles and factories should have a system for purification.

First of all, people should develop new systems of machine without using Freon gas, such as new types of air-conditioners or refrigerators. Actually, Freon gas causes many kinds of bad effects, for example, it makes a hole in ozone, causes people’s skin cancer or cataracts in the eyes, ruins the ecosystem and causes the greenhouse effect. It could be hard to find and spread out an alternative to Freon gas, but people should do that for our healthy nature.

Second, people should know about damage to coral reefs. Many people don’t know about the effect of their selfishness on coral reefs. Most coral reefs are in a shoaling beach, because they need sunshine and calm waves, but people ruin it. People usually cut corals off for their own purposes, such as for aquariums. Coral reefs include algae; algae is a very important thing in the ocean with coral reefs. Algae’s photosynthesis can be helpful to slow down global warming. Many coral reefs need tropical temperature for their reseeding and reproducing. So people should take care of the ocean in this were for our coral reefs. If many people know about them, they may be ruined by people, so it would be better to keep them free of people’s concern.

Third, vehicles or factories should have systems for purification. Everyone has their own car and everywhere factories are running for people. Therefore, this is a big problem; when vehicles and factories are working, they make carbon dioxide. Vehicles use fossil fuels and factories do also. So these things make and a huge amount of carbon dioxide, and it causes the greenhouse effect faster, and also global warming. However, if people use purification systems, the amount of carbon dioxide will be decreased, but people often cannot use it because purification systems are very expensive. So people should work on them more readily a reliable and widespread for our environment, because making cars or factories stop does not make sense. We should commit to purification systems.

Some people say that global warming helps to spread out our coral reefs’ range. However, that may be true for some but not good for every coral reef; just a certain area of coral reefs will benefit. In your thinking, coral reefs’ area’s being more widely spread out by global warming is good for us, but it is not. Because that happen in just a small part of area so when other basic coral reefs are disappear. If new coral reefs area may gone fast because people will go to just that area for many reasons or many kind of fishes or other ocean organisms coming just that place. So that place will ruined. So we should take care of our coral reefs at least from now on.

In conclusion, people should develop a new system to replace harmful machines such as air-conditioners or refrigerators, to protect our ozone. People should not damage coral reefs, because coral reefs have much benefit for people’s lives. Also, our vehicles and factories should have systems for purification for saving our environment. We have to work hard for coral reefs because if they are gone, our ocean environment will die.


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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Some Reefs Extend Their Range under the Global Warming - summary response #2 -

Some Reefs Extend Their Range under the Global Warming

In Jennifer Marohasy’s (2007) article, “Reef may benefit from global warming,” she points out that some coral reefs took a benefit from global warming. Actually, most of our coral’s are in danger from global warming, but some reefs are not. The Great Barrier Reef, which is in Australia, was destroyed by global warming, but sea levels are raised, so it is good for reefs. The reefs are extending their area to the south. Many coral reefs are in tropical seas, because corals like warm water. So many of the coral species can be found on the Great Barrier Reef, and also found in much warmer water such as around Papua New Guinea. Australia and PNG include about 17 percent of the reefs of the world; Australian reefs are in the best condition of the coral reefs. Blast fishing and illegal capture of live fish for restaurants have made reefs sick. Some reefs such as north of Cairns are filled with dead corals, because of the sea level, but rising sea level with global warming will make them alive again.

This article has a different opinion about the effect of global warming. Actually, corals are very sensitive about temperature, but this article says that it is a different situation. Corals have died from global warming, but they are made alive by sea levels’ increasing. Sea levels are increasing due to global warming, so it means that global warming has both killed and made alive coral reefs; it is very interesting. Global warming has made reefs sick, and now it reduces coral reefs; people have to protect plentiful reefs in the area around Australia, area and give us hope for the future for our coral reefs.

First of all, in some reef places, global warming’s effects are good. According to the author, “The expected rise in sea level associated with global warming may benefit coral reefs and the Great Barrier Reef is likely to extend its range further south” (2007, para. 3). This is a very interesting effect because most of coral reefs are not like this. Great Barrier Reef’s area is going to increase with sea levels and suitable water temperature. It is one of the good benefits of global warming to coral reefs.

Second, Australia’s reefs are going to be plentiful and spread out into a new area. Great Barrier Reefs are one of the most well protected reefs in the world. The author says, “About 17 percent of the world’s reefs can be found around Australia and PNG” (2007, para. 8). Some articles have talked about coral reefs’ extinction from global warming; most experts have given up on coral reefs because many reefs are almost dead and cannot be reduced. People may be happy about that news, but if they are careless about coral reefs, coral reefs will go forever. We had better watch out.

Finally, this article will give us new hope for our future coral reefs. Many coral reefs are moving from the south side to the north side of the sea because global warming changes our climate, so many north side countries get a tropical climate. Northeast Asian areas such as China, Japan and Korea may have a new kind of corals in their own seas. So we don’t need to worry about coral reefs becoming extinct in tropical oceans, because coral reefs will find new places to adjust to them. So that is good news for us and for our future.

In conclusion, many article about global warming’s bad effect on coral reefs, but this article has a different opinion about global warming’s effect. Actually, in the near future, when all polar icebergs have melted down, that may causes\ some serious problem to people, but that happening may be good for coral reefs and other species in the water. So we don’t need to be too worried about coral reefs; we can just take care of them with less attention. We just need to keep viewing them for our posterity.


Marohasy, J. (2007, January 31). Reef may benefit from global warming.
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The effect of global warming oo coral reefs - summary response #1 -

The Effect of Global Warming on Coral Reefs

In the article, “Global warming may have damaged coral reefs forever,” the author explains what the problem of global warming is to coral reefs and the effect of sea temperature changing on coral and fish communities. According to the author, global warming is destructive to coral reefs. Some terrible examples of global warming include the death of 90 percent of coral reefs near the Seychelles Islands, due to temperature increase. The long-term effect of high temperatures in the oceans is that they cause corals to be unable to reseed and recover. If global warming ruins the reefs, fishes will lose their food and shelter from the reefs, and fishes will suffer local extinction. Moreover, if herbivorous fishes are extinct, the ocean cannot control algae spread problems. After the awful incident, often reefs are recovered, but if structures of reefs fall down badly enough, recovery time will be delayed. Unluckily, many coral reefs are gone; we are too late to save them, but people should try to decrease greenhouse gas and global warming to save other wildlife.

This article explains about the effect of global warming on coral reefs. Coral reefs are very sensitive, so if water temperatures are changing even little bit higher, most of them may die. If coral reefs disappear, the marine fish that lives in the coral reefs and find food in the coral reefs will lose their area. It is too late to restore coral reefs areas that are gone, but to save other animals, people should take care of the greenhouse gas problem, climate change and global warming. Therefore, people have to change their bad lifestyle. Global warming is destructive to coral reefs; some kinds of herbivorous fish are extinct and aquarists take fish and corals from ocean for their fish tank; those things are making oceans devastated.

First of all, coral reefs are gone because of global warming. Some reasons may hurt coral reefs but the biggest reason for ruined coral reefs is global warming. The author says, “global warming has had a more devastating effect on some of the world’s finest coral reefs than previously assumed” (2006, para. 1). That is a long-term effect; the ocean’s temperatures are slowly going up, and that is killing off many corals in the ocean. It is caused by global warming, so if people are aware of that problem, they should take care of our environment for the nature.

Second, herbivorous fish become extinct from the dead coral reefs and the effect of this spreads. Many herbivorous fish need a hiding place and take food from coral reefs, but if the reefs are gone, they cannot live anymore. So it will affect the carnivorous fish; it may make them die because carnivorous fish need herbivorous fish to live to eat for food. According to the author, “the collapse of the reefs removed food and shelter from predators for a large and diverse amount of marine life” (2006, para. 6). So global warming will cause ecological disorder; first it makes coral reefs go away, and takes herbivorous fish’s area, after this effect, the carnivorous fish die.

Finally, some saltwater aquarists also waste coral reefs and fish species from the ocean for their own fish tank. After the showing of the movie “Nemo”, many people have an interest to marine fish tanks and made it their hobby. Marine fish and corals are gorgeous to look at, so after that movie the demand for ocean species was increased by people. That also ruined coral reefs and marine fish; many people’s self-centered mind made them sick. I heard about marine fish from Korean experts. In my case, I had a fish tank in Korea. So I usually visited fish experts' house to have a piece of advice and talk about fish. One piece of his advice was very interesting to me. He said, “Marine fishes and coral’s are hard to breed” so the marine fish costs are expensive and unique. But freshwater fishes are not much like that. That is why fish demands are increasing, so marine fishes are in danger. For saving those species, the government which has popular fish in their country, should make a limit to protect their fishes or try to make a fish farm and breed fish system activity.

In conclusion, global warming wastes our living things in the ocean; for example, coral reefs are gone; fish species have changed and been devastated. The cause of global warming is people’s using fossil fuels, cutting trees and similar activities. Those things cause the greenhouse effect, so the earth becomes warmer. That is not just one country’s problem, it is every country’s problem; if people want to solve their problems with our natural species, they should get together and take care of them.


Global warming may have damaged coral reefs forever. (2006, May 17).
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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Millions of Species are in Danger by Global Warming - Summary Response practice -

Millions of Species are in Danger by Global Warming

Shaoni Bhattacharya’s article, “Global warming threatens millions of species” explains why millions of species are in danger by global warming. According to the article, global warming will make extinct almost 25 percent of land animals and plants by 2050. So, all of the species are going to find new right places to live because of climate change. That means about one million animal species may ruin their life in recent days. Global warming changes may species’ habitats. Habitats are important to many species; if they loss their habitats, they will be endangered. According to Thomas and his colleagues, “Whole groups of plant and animal species confined to a particular region, for example, the Amazon, were evaluated” (2004, para. 11). Many species need certain conditions in their life such as temperature and rainfall. However, some of them may not move to find a new place; then they are going to live in the small area with many species, but a small area just can contain a few species, so they should watch out about that problem. In 2050, between 15 and 37 percent of species may be in a dangerous situation. People should invent new energy systems for other species.

She explains how affecting climate changes many species. Actually, climate change makes many species in danger. People cause climate change in many ways such as global warming and greenhouse gas. Many species will become extinct because of climate change. Climate change menaces their lives by making them lose their living area, lose habitat, and suffer from overexploitation by human.

First of all, many species will lose their living area. They cannot even live where they were from, because their original area is changing because of climate change. According to the author, “all of the species will be moving completely into new areas which become suitable for them” (2004, para. 4). They don’t want to move to find another suitable place, but they have to do that to live. In the case of Korea, our fish species are changing their seas; fishes are coming up from places in southern Asia such as Thailand. So some fisherman are bankrupt because the fish species are changed by global warming; they cannot catch the fish that they want. Our own fish species are going up to North Korea. Nowdays, it is big problems in Korea’s fisherman.

Next, they lost their own habitat. It is very inappropriate for them. The reason they lost their habitat is climate change. Some species are endangered because they lost their habitat. The author says, “The World Conservation Union’s Red Book lists between 10 and 30 percent of species as endangered under due to habitat loss” (2004, para. 8). It shows us if the species are lose their habitat, they will be gone.

Finally, many species are overexploited by humans. For example, many people want to get sealskins for their fancy coats, so many seals are killed by people. Overexploitation is another big problem for many species besides climate change. People have to think about what they are doing just for people. When people kill some species, they use lots of fossil fuels and some other like that things. Moreover, people’s lifestyle is uses many bad things for nature, that may cause climate change. It promotes climate change some other ways. We are destroying nature for our own purpose, but we should remember, our life belongs to nature.

In conclusion, we should take care of climate change for other species. They lost their native area and habitat. If our lifestyle keeps going like this, people also won’t be able to on the earth. After the other species are gone, people may go. Climate changes do not directly affect our lives, but they will. So we should be aware of that problem in order to save ourselves and other species.


Bhattacharya, S. (2004, January 07).
Global warming threatens millions of species.NewScientist.com. Retrieved October 16, 2007 from http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn4545&print=true


Monday, October 08, 2007

Reading Reaction Journal #5


Deffner, E. (2007, September 18). When is a fish not a fish? when it's a jelly! Christian Science Monitor, 99 (205), 18-19. Retrieved October 1, 2007, from Academic Search Primier


According to this article, Julianne Steers saw black jellyfish in the sea. Black jellyfish are extraordinary and live in the deep ocean. Lots of black jellyfish appeared off the coast of southern California once, but they did not appear on the outside frequently. When she saw black jellies, she gathered a few of them and took them to the laboratory. She wanted them to reproduce, but they did not, so she plans to catch them again. While she plans, she also has a lot of studies about moon jellyfish, which is the most ordinary kind of jellyfish. At that time, she found that jellyfish redeveloped its tissue so much. Anyway, is jellyfish a fish? It is not a fish. Jellies do not have skeletons, brains, or hearts. They look like a bell, and they have diverse tentacles. They live in every ocean, even in fresh water, and also their numbers grow quickly today. it is a problem that jellyfish break fishing nets.


When I visited many large aquariums, such as the Chicago aquarium or the Korea aquarium, I saw many kinds of jellyfish. They have a variety of kinds of color and shapes, and it looks good. Most of them are tiny and not harmful, but others are big and have poison that may kill people. In nature, when some jellyfish come to the beach and sting people with their tentacles, people may die. Actually, I do not much like the beach, because salt water is sticky to the body, and some dangerous tings are in the water. I am scared of it. I want to be a zoologist in the future, and then I will study and work for aquatics. However, I cannot concentrate on jelly fish, because one of the most biggest reasons is that jellyfish is move like apparitions such as ghosts. I really do not like jellyfish.


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Shim, J. (2007, September 24). Are you loving your pet into an early grave? CNN.
Retrieved September 27, 2007, from http://www.cnn.com/2007/LIVING/wayflife/09/24/fat.pets/index.html.


This article is about pets. 60 percent of dogs and cats in the US are overweight according to pet-food marketer Purina's study, even though pet owners think their pets are in ideal body condition. Many people think their pets are like their children, so they feed the pet people's food or feed overloads. Actually, pets don't need people's food or too much food but owners keep feeding them. For example, pets need one cup of serving but owners gave them three cups. Overweight is not just only bad for looks but also pets will get countless health problems and their life will shorten. One of the big problems of pet's health problems is in the knee; if pets are overweight for a long time the knees need surgery. And pets need exercise like people, such as walking and active things. People should find out if their pets are overweight or not by web sites. If pets are overweight, owners have to control their pets.


when I am walking around in Carbondale, I can see many kinds of dogs. Some dogs are a little tiny and many of those are so big. Actually, when big dogs come to me or bark I'm almost frozen I'm so scared. In case of Korea, many people breed tiny dogs because they are small, cute, and easy to handle: many koreans do not much like taking out their dogs because Korea does not have enough parks of places to rest. So we have few chances to see big or small dogs walking around outside. Anyway, when I look at American dogs, they are so big and fat. I think that is what makes me scared. When I am looking at fat dogs, they look very tired even though they are just breathing. Many people said they love their pet, so they feed them too much for their health, but too much feed is not good for health; that just hurts pets' health condition. Pet owners have to find other ways to love dogs, not feed them too much.


Reading Reaction Journal #3


Sharpe, S. (2007). Health benefits of aquarium fish. The New York Times Company. Retrieved september 17, 2007, from http://freshaquarium.about.com/od/termsandtables/a/Aquariumhealth.htm


The article is about benefits of aquarium fish. It gives advantages to people who have stressful lives, high blood pressure and insomnia for therapy. Some research said looking at the aquarium fish is good for relieving stress and for high blood pressure. Researchers got results by comparing the effects of aquariums with many other things, and aquarium effects reduced blood pressure. Also watching a video tape or DVD about an aquarium will cure symptoms effectively. Seniors who have an aquarium filled with fish get a less blood pressure, and it is good to calm down children who have a hyperactivity disorder. In other studies, if people who have Alzheimer's get an aquarium, they eat more and just need a little supply.


In Korea, I had an aquarium from when I was young. My grandfather was a surgeon; his hospital's waiting had a large aquarium such as a 130 gallon aquarium with plentiful plants and small fishes, and he also had a big pond in the garden. I think that's why I like fish, because I saw that every day and annually. I really like aquatic amimals more than many other amimals in the world. I also have a big fish tank in my Carbondale home, such as a 75 gallon aquarium. It is so nice to me to relieve my stress, and also when I watch fish in my tank, my eyes and my feeling are comfortable. I really want to recommend it to my friends or some other people such as American friends or other international friends.


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9/11 attack victims honored six years later. (2007, September 11). New York. Retrieved September 11, 2007, from http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/09/11/911.anniversary.ap/index.html


There are silent relatives of September 11 victims in the memorial ceremony. Six years earlier the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field were broken by seized planes. At that time, people suffered from the events. Around the World Trade Center, it is decorated with footprints and victims’ photos. They are not only for September 11 victims but for firefighters and rescuers who helped people at that time. Most of them are sick because they inhaled poisonous air when they helped people. That event took out 2,974 people’s lives: 2750 people in World Trade Center, 40 people in Pennsylvania and 184 people at the Pentagon. Those statistics 19 terrorists.


Actually, that event is very amazing to me. When that happened in 2001, I was a junior high school student. I was going back home from an academy. When I reached home, my parents were watching the TV with very serious faces. Well, I don’t care because I think some kind of serious TV news and I was hungry, but I realized that was happening was a really serious problem in the United States by terrorists, and I was very shocked. That event took many capable ability people’s lives, the building and normal people’s lives. And another side of news spoke about the handling of the event by the Bush administration of lawfully going to war with Afghanistan for oil. That is so crazy; the government has to take care about that event but they make event for their profit. Whatever it has its own purpose, or is a real event related to terrorism, doesn’t concern me, because it is not a normal event. I’m still young, so I’m not sure what is going on in the world and America but we have to think about terror and each country’s unreasonableness.


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Cocoa may improve brain blood flow. (2007, February 19). San Francisco, California. Retrieved September 4, 2007, from http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17226572/


In this article, "Cocoa may improve brain blood flow," the author explains that flavanols including cocoa may help people to increase blood flow to the brain. Cocoa sold in markets is low in flavanols. They almost are removed because they have a bitter favor. So Mars, the candy company, has produced Cocoa via including high flavanols. Other chocolate companies have begun pressing for the flavanols of their dark chocolate.


In the world, there are few bad foods. For example, coffee has caffeine, chocolate is high calories. They have bad things that cause caffeine-toxic symptoms and obesity to people. But they cause this when people eat too much of them. If people eat the proper amount of them, they bring about good results to people's body. Coffee, the black coffee, is drunk by people once per day. A cup of coffee per day easily does lipolysis, promoting the circulation of the blood. And eating a little chocolate causes good things such as a cup of coffee. Foods that have no poison are so good for people. But! We have to eat properly. And then we can earn a healthy body!!